Bangladesh Agricultural University, being the first agricultural university in the country and during the last 57 years since its establishment, have contributed to such success through the engagement of thousands of alumni in their respective fields. Its scholastic pursuits cover all the domains of agricultural science with bearing on the terrestrial and aquatic productivity. Its mandatory obligation is to provide institutional leadership in order to ensure quality teaching, research & outreach activities needed to accelerate agricultural education to excel in the development of agricultural technologies. Bangladesh has been doing excellent in terms of economic development and has recently been graduated as a lower middle-income country. This will bring stressful implications on our agriculture. Due to rapid urbanization and gradual industrialization we are losing valuable agricultural lands every year. At the same time, our population size is increasing. Agriculturists have to take the challenge to overcome the situation to be able to feed the entire population, whatever be the size. As the leading agricultural university, BAU feels the responsibility and want to take the challenge. The country has set vision 2041 and delta plan. Agriculture sector should have to be ready to contribute in line with these visions. Now this is the time to revise our institutional visions and strategic plans to change. the face of current agriculture, addressing climate change issues, adopting high-tech agriculture and finally, making agriculture as a successful business for the wellbeing of the farmers. The university signed a number of MOU's with several universities in USA, Europe and Asia. Now we are a member of global community of universities. We want to uphold BAU as the center of excellence and take the leading role in these efforts. We have opportunities as well as challenges, both at institutional level and national level. P N P A B A S A N A St Fa Po Fo & We always maintain a kind of flexibility to integrate the latest scientific advancement in order to meet the challenges of climate change and its adaptation in farming activities of the new millennium. All our endeavors have, thus, been directed to awaken the vigor & vitality of agriculture.